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Frog Skin Boots

by Ashley Rowland

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link to video clip I caught my first Gar Fish, and thought Iíd see what it tasted like. It was so tuff to clean that I donít think Iíll ever try it again.
link to video clip Brian Stelfreeze demonstrates the importance of people skills in an artist.
link to video clip The 2009 UGA Jack Davis Lecture where he passes off the Jack Davis Distinguished Visiting Artist Award. This year the award went to Sergio Aragones; a Mad Magazine artist. After the lecture Sergio demonstrated his exceptional speed by improvising a bunch of cartoons on a document projector, VERY COOL.
link to video clip I ran a little contest to gather fresh ideas on something to draw. Here's how the winner was selected, and the whole process behind the drawing.
link to video clip A fast-forwarded caricature video I made as a thank you to SixtyXCelph for joining our forum. It came out great, except that I made the embarrassing mistake of repeatedly mispronouncing his screen name.
link to video clip
Vlog#5 Furry Convention
After drawing my furry webcomic for so long I thought it was about time I went to an actual furry convention. So I went to Furry Weekend Atlanta, and had a great time. Here is my account as well as some helpful descriptions.
link to video clip I caught a big fish and took it into my auntís house, because she freaks out around animals.

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